Softub Sales & Repair

At American Softub Co., we want to be your “one stop” Softub dealer for life. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new tub or repair an existing one, call American Softub at 818-957-8827.

If your older Softub is beginning to show its age, give it a complete “facelift” with an entirely new set of vinyl. Freshen the look of your Softub from the tub to the Thermal Cover and even the Power Pack. Change the color or just make it look brand new again for a fraction of the cost of a new Softub. Call American Softub TODAY for pricing at 818-957-8827. Maybe you’ve had your Softub in storage and its time to bring it back to life. Want a tune up from an Authorized Softub Technician? Call American Softub TODAY at 818-957-8827.

Drain and Clean

Approximately every 4 to 6 months, based on usage, you will want to drain and refill your Softub Spa with fresh, clean water. This need can be based on a variety of reasons, including over-chemicalized water or water that just won’t stay clear. Occasionally, a pump leak can occur during this service and create the need for a service work. To avoid this potential complication, call American Softub for a Drain and Clean. Our professional technician can drain, clean, move or re-position your tub. During the Drain and Clean service, our technicians will check the Softub plumbing to insure that your connections have not been compromised and to insure that there is no plumbing leak that could cause additional service costs. Call American Softub today at 818-957-8827, for a quote on a Drain and Clean.